5 Reasons Why You Need The Brow Tint Kit

5 Reasons Why You Need The Brow Tint Kit

In my constant search for an at-home brow tint kit, I have finally found the product I’ve been looking for. After trying out Brow Code’s Tint Kit once, it’s safe to say I am officially hooked! I can thankfully say goodbye to using make-do dye products & hello to this extremely luxe (without the price tag) Brow Tint Kit. Here are just 5 reasons why I’ve been completely obsessed with this Brow Tint Kit and 5 reasons why you NEED this product in your life:

Easy and Simple To Use

When I was searching for a brow dye I needed to make sure that whatever I was purchasing was easy to use. Nobody’s got time to muck around with a confusing beauty product that takes long. I needed it to be simple with easy to follow directions, and let’s just say the Brow Code Tint Kit offered exactly that! The Kit comes with everything you need to complete the entire process, even the cutest brow gold oil for aftercare. It’s so easy to use; I literally achieved the most deliciously full looking brow within minutes!

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Formulation

Vegan and cruelty-free formulations are quite hard to come around in the beauty industry. I was super excited to find out that this Tint Kit is vegan AND cruelty-free. Now you can have snatched brows without the guilt of using a product that has nasty ingredients or has been unethically formulated. To all my DIY beauty lovers out there, it’s always important to look out for these factors when purchasing any beauty products!

Two Extremely Versatile Shades

If you initially look at the product and think, ‘Wait, why are there only two shades’, don’t worry because these are the two most versatile shades I have ever come across! I can promise you that the Natural Brown or Light Brown will suit ANY hair color and skin tone. It all comes down to how long you leave the tint on your brows. For example, I have blond hair and thick brows, but because I prefer a more bold result, I went with the Natural Brown shade and left it on for only a few minutes. They’ve even added a shade and processing time guide on their website to help you achieve the perfect color!

Achieves Long-Lasting Results

After finishing the application, I was first crushing hard on the smudge-free results I achieved and then after a couple of weeks passed, I was crushing hard on how long the results lasted! The brow tint lasts up to 1 week on the skin and up to 4 weeks on the brow hairs, which is AMAZING. I didn’t wear any powder in my brows for at least 3 weeks thanks to this Tint Kit!! Seriously, no makeup is required when you use these tints. Trust me on this one.

Each Kit Offers Up To 12 Treatments

Yes, you read that correctly… 12 TREATMENTS!! Up to 12 treatments of tint for just $49.95. For me, I used these treatments in between my visits to the salon. This meant I never had to look at myself in the mirror with untidy brows while I waited for my next brow appointment. 12 treatments can last you a long time - the Brow Code Tint Kit could last you up to an entire year. How amazing is that!? You now know my reasons for adoring this brow dye product. Would I repurchase it!? 100%. I’ve already put my order in for a second Kit.

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