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Exposing Six Common Myths About Brow Lamination

When you hear the word lamination you probably think back to that oh-so important piece of paper coated in a layer of plastic. Well, essentially that’s exactly what lamination means but when we talk Eyebrow Lamination we are from that meaning.

The deets? Eyebrow Lamination is the latest brow styling trend making waves in the brow beauty game since 2020. You’ve probably seen that glossy, sleek brow look reappear on your Instagram feed every now and then. But what’s the technique? Brow Lamination involves the use of perming and fixing solutions to chemically straighten out the brow hairs and achieve a perfectly-set shape with a gel-like finish. Lamination makes the brows full, fluffy and lifted in appearance. The best part about the treatment is that it can be customized to fine-tune so many different eyebrow types, no matter what your brow dilemma is. If you’re still wondering why lamination is so special, think about your biggest brow dilemmas. A threading session gone wrong, gaps that LITERALLY never grow back hair or thinned and over plucked brows - Brow Lamination can solve all these. And look don’t get us wrong, we absolutely still love the thin brow look and every other brow look. We’re just staying on top of trends, that’s it!

Keen to try it out yourself yet? Or do you have big doubts nudging at you? Don’t worry, we’re here to clear up some common myths about Brow Lamination and set the record straight. So let’s get into it.

Brow Lamination is Harmful For My Skin and Hairs

Let’s start with addressing the elephant in the room - “How damaging is the treatment to my brows?”

In the process of laminating your brows, you’re going to be using chemical solutions, whether you get professional lamination or do it yourself. It goes without saying that when there are chemicals involved you need to take your precautions.

When done correctly, the treatment is completely safe for both the brows and the skin. Just stick to the rules and don’t try to get creative.

A few Brow Code tips to keep in mind to avoid damage during brow lamination:

  • Make sure you don’t overapply product or overtreat the area during the procedure. This can lead to the brow hairs getting overstretched and fried - there’s a reason why there’s an advised quantity, read the instructions! Our at-home Brow Lamination Kits come in perfectly sized sachets for this reason. You can never overapply.
  • During the application process, make sure you’re super careful and avoid any solution dripping into the eyes. Nobody wants an eye infection situation here, no thanks.
  • Always ALWAYS do a patch test on your skin before beginning treatment. This will help measure allergic reactions from the onset, avoiding any side effects later. This goes for everyone, not just those of you with sensitive skin.
  • Never miss out on aftercare. Your brow hairs need care and looking after everyday. Think about how a hair wash, dye or treatment is always followed by a deep conditioning treatment. Without conditioner, hair can be left feeling dry, brittle and stripped of nutrients. To maintain healthy brows post lamination, make sure you apply a nourishing aftercare product that restores moisture to the hairs. We recommend using a few drops of the Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil. Thank us later!
  • It may seem like a lot on paper, but really it’s all about being mindful. If you follow our tips (and the instructions in your kit), you will be fine. The verdict? Lamination is not harmful for the brows unless you decide to overdo the thing for no apparent reason.

    Pro tip: Have a brow artist on-call in case you need some urgent disaster recovery.

    I Could Never Laminate My Own Brows

    If you’re the average person who doesn’t have a celeb makeup team ready to glam you up every minute of every day, chances are you probably do your own makeup. And the same goes with hair and skincare, right? So why not do styling treatments at home too? It’s the perfect solution for the 21st century adult who’s always busy hustling, eating and repeating.

    With increasing popularity of Eyebrow Lamination, there has also been a rise in at-home lamination kits. Because, why WOULDN’T you want to do it yourself? With an at-home Brow Lamination Kit, you can perm, lift, set and nourish the brows like a pro (make sure you do your research when you buy a kit, because Brow Lamination requires professional grade ingredients). As long as you follow the step-by-step instructions and follow the timing guidelines, you will be fine! At-home brow lamination is super easy, safe, quick and cost-effective. All you need is a little bit of trust in yourself.

    At the end of the day, there’s really nothing more empowering than being able to craft your own beauty look. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll get when you see those yummy lammy brows you’ve just created yourself... unreal.

    Try Brow Code's Lustre Lamination Kit for some DIY therapy.

    My Brow Hairs Will Curl Up or Stick Out

    Imagine a proven hair straightening method somehow started curling the hairs instead. Well, that would be counterproductive, wouldn’t it? Thanks to the chemical solutions in the perm and lifting creams, the process of brow lamination has the hairs looking tall, flattened and pulled. The hairs also become super flexible after treatment so you can taper them together to achieve a put-together shape without worrying about that one oddly stuck out hair (and if curling is your concern, you’ll be excited to know that beauty experts consider brow lamination a great service for curly, unruly and stubborn brows).

    On this note, we can’t stress enough how important it is to follow the aftercare provided with your Lamination Kit and looking after those beautiful brows. Wetting the brows is the BIGGEST no. Because what happens when you put water on hair… it currrrls. Don’t moisturize for at least 24 hours post-treatment and please please moisturize using a nourishing Brow Aftercare Oil.

    I Don't Want To Commit To Big Bushy Brows Everyday

    Ok, so a couple of things to clear up on this point.

    Firstly, Eyebrow Lamination is a long-lasting brow styling treatment that can sustain results for up to six weeks. But what it is NOT, is a permanent makeup treatment. Unlike microblading that involves physical needling on the skin, brow lamination replicates the feathered brow effect non-invasively. It simply elevates the appearance of the hairs by reshaping them. 

    Secondly, the extra wet, glossy, and silk-coated initial look of lammy brows is not going to last forever! The sleekness in the brows is far more accentuated freshly post-treatment. After the first 24 hours, your brows hairs will settle into their new shape, exuding a soft feel. For daily maintenance, you still need to style the brows with a brow gel or soap. We of course recommend the smooth Alias Brow Lamination Gel that glides over laminated brows perfectly.

    So don’t be overwhelmed by the first look, it can seem like a lot if you’re not used to regular brow treatments. It’ll settle down. AND absolutely don’t feel like you’ve signed your life away because you’re not going to have to commit to the same look everyday.

    You’ve got control, you’ve got freedom.

    Brow Lamination Can't Be Paired With Other Brow Styling Treatments

    For the brow addict in you who loves going all-in with your brow game, you’re probably wondering whether lamination is going to limit your styling options. The answer is no. Brow Lamination can be paired perfectly well with other brow styling techniques like, Tinting, Waxing, Threading and any brow cosmetic.

    By combining lamination and tint in the same service, you’ll be able to achieve a glamorous, celebrity-style look. Tint will give the brows definition by adding a rich pigment. Following this, you can wax or thread around the brows to create a crisp shape. And for everyday styling, just use a brow gel or soap.

    If we have convinced you, consider taking your lammy brows to the next level with a complete Brow Cosmetic Collection. It’ll be a total treat.

    Our picks:

    Alias Collection 03, includes: Brow Lamination Kit, Brow Tint Kit, Brow Wax, Brow Gel.

    Heist Collection 03, includes: Brow Lamination Kit, Brow Tint Kit, Brow Wax, Brow Soap.

    The one thing you CANNOT pair with Brow Lamination is Henna. Compared to Tint, Henna requires a longer developing time, which means the hairs have a risk of getting over processed (remember how we mentioned this is an absolute no no?). Don’t be too disheartened, just gotta take the good with the bad!

    I Already Have Dark Eyebrows, I Don't Need Them Looking Extra

    While dark brows play a big part in providing boldness and definition to the eyebrows, the key player there is the pigment. Lamination, on the other hand, correlates to the shape of the brows. Laminating brows that are already dark in color doesn’t mean your look will be over the top by any means.

    After the brows hairs are straightened by the perming solution, you can style them in any direction you want. If you’re not a fan of the big, fluffy brow, you can choose to hone in to the brow tail or amplify the arch instead.

    In any case, it’s way better to get a professional to laminate your brows if you’re not 100% certain about the look you want. A brow stylist’s expertise will help you make your brows look the way YOU want them to.

    Maybe Lamination Isn't As Scary As I Thought

    We understand that sometimes it can be really daunting to make a decision about beauty products and treatments, because you just never know how it’s going to suit you. There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to styling treatments, but Brow Lamination has been trialed and tested for suitability across various hair and skin types and didn’t make its way to the top without reason. After all, it is the most sought-after trend.

    If we have been able to convince you that Lamination isn’t as scary as you think by separating the myths from the facts, maybe it’s time you actually give it a go.

    A non-invasive, painless, and easy-to-do procedure, Brow Lamination is your pathway to full, fluffy and sleek brows.

    Ready to jump on the bandwagon? Explore Brow Code’s exclusive range of at-home Brow Lamination products here. If you’re a perfectionist who doesn’t have room for a mishap, we recommend leaving it up to a professional brow stylist.

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