Brow Code Rose Water Spray

Five Ways To Use Brow Code's Heist Rose Water Spray

Roses, the flower of love – luxurious, fragrant, soft, and romantic. Is it any wonder that something so beautiful harnesses an incredibly effective beauty ingredient? Not at all! In fact, Rose Water has been used for centuries by queens as a royal beautification technique.

So what exactly is Rose Water and why is it so good for you? Rose Water is created by steaming rose petals in water and has been used over the years as one of the ultimate beauty powerhouses.

Its hydrating and soothing abilities, as well as its natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial powers, make it an easy addition to your daily beauty regime.

Ok, I need this in my life – but where does it fit in my routine and how do I use it? We’ve put together five ways in which you can incorporate a Rose Water Spray into your day-to-day, to enhance your skin, makeup, and beauty routines.

Activating Your Heist Brow Soap

The Brow Code Heist Rose Water Spray is a refreshing and hydrating solution designed as a preparation mist to activate the Heist Brow Soap. A single spritz of Rose Water will improve the application of the Heist Brow Soap, hydrating the brows and achieving a sleek finish.

Why can’t you just use water? Well, the Rose Water Spray has far more benefits in activating the Heist Brow Soap, as it soothes irritation, reduces redness and inflammation in the skin, and boosts overall moisture.

The solution is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and synthetic fragrance-free, designed naturally to be gentle on the skin. Don’t worry, we got you! 

Take your favorite spoolie brush (we of course recommend our 123 Micro Stroke Brush) and dampen with the Heist Rose Water Spray. Gently rub the bristles of your spoolie against the Heist Brow Soap to create a gel-like residue. Coat the brow hairs in an even layer of Heist Brow Soap. Comb hairs in an upward, angle direction to achieve a sleek and lifted finish.

Facial Mist

Cleansing routines are never complete without a toner or facial mist. Most people use either a facial toner to cleanse and hydrate the skin, or an astringent to dry up excess oil, depending on skin type. That’s exactly why the Rose Water Spray works so well – it combines both these skin-cleansing capabilities in one product! The Rose Water Spray will radiate the overall complexion of the skin by reducing redness and balancing pH levels. On your next morning face wash, finish up with a Rose Water Spritz for an immediate soothing action. Your freshly hydrated skin will thank you later!

Dampen Your Beauty Blender

If you’ve ever used makeup before, you would know that a beauty blender (or sponge) is literally an essential accessory. But chances are, you’re probably using it wrong. Did you know that a beauty blender should ALWAYS be used damp? Using a dry blender absorbs most of the makeup product itself, without actually letting it blend on the skin. The aqua-activated foam inside the sponge soaks the liquid instead of makeup. Although water works just fine to dampen the blender, Rose Water spritz has far more benefits. Not only will it seamlessly blend your makeup, but also refresh and lighten the skin. To use, simply spray Rose Water directly onto your beauty blender (squeezing out excess liquid), wait for it to swell up in size, and blend blend blend. Try this and see for yourself how much better your makeup shines on your face!

Refresh Your Makeup

Are you wondering how to fit the Rose Water spray into your daily beauty regime? The spray can be used to prep your skin before makeup, by softening and moisturizing it. It comes as the perfect replacement for a cream-based primer, especially for those of you that prefer lightweight products on the skin. You can also use a couple of sprays of Rose Water on a full face of makeup to help refresh the look, all thanks to its nourishing abilities.

Boost Your Face Mask

If you live for self-care pamper days, face sheet masks are most likely a part of your routine. For an extra bit of pampering on your next self-care day, you can really enhance your mask game by pairing it with Brow Code’s Rose Water Spray. After cleaning your face, spritz some Rose Water on a cotton pad and apply it all over the face. Now lay the sheet mask on top and let it sit. The moisturizing effects of your sheet mask will be enhanced as the serum and Rose Water penetrates deep into the skin to bring an instant calming effect. The Rose Water Spray will give your face mask just the right boost it needs!

Okay, I'm Ready For Some Rose Water Therapy!

See, we weren’t bluffing when we said that Rose Water is packed with goodness. No matter what beauty, skincare, or makeup routine you currently swear by, a Rose Water Spray can be a perfect addition (one you didn’t even know you needed).

Our Rose Water Spray was developed to act as an activating mist for the Heist Brow Soap, resulting in a hydrating, sleek brow look but the beauty of the product is its multipurpose capability. Whether you’re looking for something that soothes the skin or deeply indulge on your next self-care day, you’re sure to not be disappointed.

Brow Code’s Heist Rose Water Spray is included with all our brow soap collections and can also be purchased on its own. Girl, we literally stand by the product.

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