Four Ways To Style Your Brows This Summer

Four Ways To Style Your Brows This Summer

There’s no better time than summertime. With summer approaching soon and days getting longer, we spend more time outdoors. Whether you enjoy cocktails by the beach, bottomless brunches, or outdoor summer parties, one thing is for sure – you want to put your best brow game on. For some people, it’s about a natural everyday brow, while some others like to go for a bold brow. Brows done right will make a fashion statement - in fact, one of the first ones. Everything comes from the brow down!

Summer days can get hot and sweaty but that doesn’t mean your eyebrows have to! You’re not alone if you’ve spent long hours on your morning beauty routine only to have your brows all worn off by the middle of the day. It’s important to pick and choose the right products for your glowing summer beauty look that are both sweat-resistant and long-lasting. Our sweat-proof and water-proof cosmetics and at-home styling collections have been designed with care to help you achieve your favorite looks, with long-lasting results! If you’re looking for the next best summer brow style to try on from the comfort of your home, check out our favorites.

Natural, Everyday Summer Brow Look

First things first, how do you create an everyday natural brow that you can wear wherever you go? To achieve a go-to daily look that works well with all outfits and occasions, the key is to achieve a put-together shape that is subtle, yet versatile. 

For natural-looking eyebrows, we have put together Alias Brow Gel Collection 01, which features all the products you need for that everyday flawless brow finish. This collection includes the Alias Brow Lamination Gel, Imitations Micro Pencil, Brow Gold Oil, and luxurious Brow Code branded Cosmetic Bag – a perfect combination for you beauty enthusiasts out there.

Use the gel to perfect the shape of your brows, with slight strokes of the pencil to fill in sparse areas. Don’t forget to finish up with our specialized Brow Aftercare Oil that locks in moisture and nourishment into your hairs. If you’re looking for an effortless result, the Alias Collection 01 will make a perfect addition to your summer beauty essentials.

Full and Fluffy Summer Brows

When we say thin brows are a thing of the past, we mean it! Big, bushy, and fuller-looking brows have been a dominant and powerful trendsetter in the modern eyebrow game. Since the mid-2000s, this brow trend has been making a mark in the beauty industry, and for good reason.

Fuller brows attract well-deserved immediate attention. When you’re catching the last bit of sunlight for that perfect sun-kissed look on your next Instagram post or looking to add a bit of extra flair to your full-faced makeup, bushy brows are going to make you radiate.

Thanks to our top-selling, Heist Brow Soap, we have made it super simple for you to achieve this look. Paired together with the Imitations Brow Pencil, the soap will help you maximize the shape of your brows by giving them extra weight and definition.

Our Heist Brow Soap Collection 01 contains everything you need to replicate the full and fluffy brow this summer. For the best results, we recommend using all products included using our step-by-step tutorial. Whether you’re already a fan of the full, feathered look or wondering how to make a bold statement with your brows, make sure to try out this look. If you prefer a lamination gel and brow pomade instead, check out Alias Brow Gel Collection 02 for a full brow transformation. The opportunities are endless for you and your fluffy brow dreams this summer. 

Glam and Bold Summer Brows

Summer is undeniably the perfect time to flaunt a glistening glow. Whether you’re feeling a no-makeup makeup vibe, a glazed look, or going for a dramatic finish, bold brows can be a game changer. A full glam brow look is cutting edge because it not only helps you achieve the much sought-after, flawless celebrity look but also accentuates your own facial features.

Lamination and tinting are today’s game-changing eyebrow styling techniques to transform dull eyebrows into glamorous ones. The likes of runway model Kendall Jenner, have made bold statements with brow tinting methods, especially her famous bleach dye look at the 2022 Met Gala.

If you’re looking to step up your glamorous summer look in 2022, it’s definitely worth trying one of our DIY Lamination, Tint, or Henna Kits to add on to your summer beauty essentials. Lamination lifts the brows and locks them in place while Tint and Henna provide a rich and bold stain to the brows and hairs. We’ve put together the perfect bundle of brow products to achieve this lifted, defined look that’s perfect for long, summer days. 

The Heist Brow Soap Collection 03 features the Lustre Lamination Kit, Brow Tint Kit, Brow Wrap, Microwavable Brow Wax, and Heist Brow Soap, all in one - you’re welcome! This brow collection is specially curated for at-home brow enthusiasts looking to take summer makeup to the NEXT LEVEL.

Moisturized Summer Brows

Brow care is just as important as brow styling ladies. Just like makeup, you need to have a solid aftercare routine to ensure nourishment and maintenance of the brow hairs. With the sun glaring down on you in summer, it’s completely normal for your skin to get dry really quickly if not taken care of properly. 

We recommend using our Heist Brow Soap and Brow Gold Oil for your daily maintenance brow routine. This brow soap not only lifts the brows but it has also been designed to boost moisture using soft chemicals that smooth the skin. Made with ingredients like Shea Butter and Cocoa Extract, the soap promotes healthier, hydrated skin. Trust us when you say, you’ll be obsessed!

Brows are often left out of skincare routines but we make it easy to not forget because nourished brows are beautiful.

Ready to take your summer brows to the next level? Shop here for collections.

  • Heist Brow Soap

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