How To Find The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

How To Find The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

Brow trends are forever changing. Gone are the days where thin, low-arched brows made the front cover of Vogue. Once we hit the mid-2000's, Cara Delevingne brought big, bushy and full brows back into the beauty scene. This is a brow trend that has definitely made its mark in the industry, with new brow products being released globally to meet the demands of consumers. Brow soaps, brow gels, and brow lamination are now everyone's go-to for achieving the sought-after runway model look.

Although brow trends come and go, we know one thing's for sure: one brow shape or style doesn't suit everyone. If you're a true beauty lover, you'd know how the right brow shape can completely flatter your face. Perfecting a brow shape that suits you is truly a work of art. It's about finding the right arch, the right angles and the right proportions to match your face.

So, how are you to know what arch, shape or curve suits your face!? That's why we're here to break down the six face shapes and recommend the best brow shape to match.

Perfect Eyebrows For An Oval Face

Everyone loves an oval-shaped face. It's symmetrical and well-balanced - what more could you want? If you're one of the lucky ones who has been blessed with an oval face, you can basically suit any brow shape.

But, please let's not go back to the overly plucked thin brow look - not even an oval-shaped face can rock this brow trend. Opting for the classic high arch and soft angled eyebrow shape is definitely the way to go.

This simple yet elegant brow shape adds the perfect amount of dimension to the face.

Perfect Eyebrows For A Round Face

Most people with a round-shaped face prefer to achieve a brow look that slims down the face. Creating the illusion of a less round face is honestly a lot easier than you may think!

By simply lifting the eyebrow arch high, you can elongate the face. You can even take your high-arched brows to the next level by filling in the arch of your brow slightly darker, adding some highlighter to the brow bone and applying some brow soap or gel to lift the brows.

All these styling techniques will help emphasize the high-arched brow shape.

Perfect Eyebrows For A Long Face

Say goodbye to "why the long face?" and hello to horizontally shaped brows. Straight eyebrows are the perfect solution for making a long face shape seem shorter. You might be thinking: "but how do I achieve a flat brow shape?".

To put it simply, you must avoid any arches - arches will make a face appear longer than it is. When you fill in the brows, you should always extend the tail of the brow closer to the ear line. Don't go too dark on the tails though! A softer color is all you need.

Perfect Eyebrows For A Square Face

To all you square-faced stunners, please give us your jaw lines immediately!! Now, if you have a square-shaped face you can probably shape your brows two separate ways, depending on what you're into.

Because your jawline is already a sharp angle on the face, you can try and create a balancing act with the brows - this can be achieved through a strong brow with a defined arch. OR you can soften the angles of your face by opting for a slightly angled brow.

Play around with both options and see what you think suits you the best.

Perfect Eyebrows For A Heart Face

Now onto all our heart face shaped beauties. Heart-shaped faces generally have many angular areas of the face, which is why we recommend going for a rounded brow shape.

A round brow shape is perfect for softening the other angles on your face. Too many sharp angles everywhere is a no go! If you have a long face, try and avoid a high-arched brow and instead try a low-arched brow.

However, if you do find you have a shorter face, then perhaps a higher arch will suit you much better!

Perfect Eyebrows For A Diamond Face

Last, but certainly not least, a diamond-shaped face. Did you know a diamond-shaped face is the rarest face shape of them all!?

Known for their narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and narrow chin, people with a diamond-shaped face should try and avoid creating more angles on the face.

You can achieve a softer look with a simple curved brow. Creating a curved brow will lift the face upwards while giving the illusion of a rounder face shape.

Brow Tips From Founder of Brow Code, Melanie Marris

To all the Professional Brow Stylists out there, you can shop Brow Code Wax, Lamination, Tint and Henna to help you achieve any of these brow shapes for your clients!

However, always be careful to never over tweeze or over wax - let's please leave that trend in the 90's. Instead of removing all the natural hair, try a range of products to help give the illusion of the look you're trying to achieve.

And to all the DIY beauty lovers out there, we have an extensive range of DIY kits and cosmetics available to help you achieve your dream brow.

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